Glass Coat Ceramic Paint Coating

GlassCoat Ceramic Paint Sealer is the most unique paint sealer in the world. Our range of products have evolved over 100 years. Today, we provide our clients with the highest class of world leading formulas to help enhance and preserve a vehicle's appearance.

GlassCoat is designed to chemically react to the vehicle's paint, creating a permanent ceramic barrier, increasing the vehicle's gloss and paint film thickness by up to 10%.


The main ingredient in The Motor Care Group's GlassCoat is Polysilazane.

Polysilazane's waterproof properties are found in coatings for bridges and solar panels. Our Manufacturer has introduced the useful properties of Polysilazane into the automotive industry having the foundation, resources and capital to invest in creating the world's leading paint preserver – GlassCoat

We also offer a range of protection options for your vehicle’s interior

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