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Vehicle manufacturers recommend you protect your vehicle with a high performance exterior and interior surface protection.With the MotorCare premium protection range not only are you getting the most advanced product on the market that is professionally applied and doesn't require reapplication, you are also receiving a national lifetime warranty.

Bumper Bar Scratch and Scrape Repair

We can repair minor scratches and scrapes on your bumper bar, making it look like new again.

Repair one scratch or scrape up to 550mm in length and 20mm in depth. Excluding lights, metal bumper bars, Chrome finishes, decals and internal structural damage including mounting brackets, damage to lights or headlight covers, damage to any electrical or mechanical mechanism.

Body Pressure Dent Repair

We can remove those unsightly dents from your car's body without damaging the paint.

Repair one pressure dent up to 60mm in diameter on any flat single panel where the paint has not been chipped or damaged. (excludes dents on style lines and metal folds, edges, corner and dents where there is not sufficient access to rear of panel). 

Alloy Wheel Scrape Repair

We can fix scuffed and scratched alloy wheels, restoring their shine.

Repair one alloy wheel scratch or scrape by repairing damaged area. Excluding chrome finished or powder coated alloy wheels and structural damage to the wheel. We do not guarantee an exact colour match when repainting any alloy wheel. 

Surface Scratch Repair

We can buff out minor surface scratches, leaving your car's paint looking smooth and flawless.

Repair surface scratches on up to 5 panels that have not cut through the clear coat. 

Side Mirror Scratch and Scrape Repair

We can repair scratches and scrapes on your side mirrors, keeping them looking clear and functional.

Repair paint scratches or scuffs on side mirror casing. (excludes chrome finished casings, lights and structural damage). 1 mirror casing per repair.

Windscreen Chip Repair

We can fix small chips in your windscreen, preventing them from spreading and cracking.

Repair up to one stone chip on the front windscreen. The maximum size of each stone chip is 20mm in diameter. These repairs do not include stone chips that render the vehicle unroadworthy. Excludes damage affecting the primary vision of the driver. 

Leather Tear and Scratch Repair

We can repair tears and scratches in your car's leather upholstery, keeping it looking luxurious.

Repair one tear or scratch in leather and vinyl seats and arm rests up to 80mm in length and 5mm in width (Excludes wear and tear, parted seams, or damage to instrumentation panel, headliner or to steering wheel).


We can touch up minor paint chips and scratches, making them virtually invisible.

Repair one paint chip or deep scratches down to the metal surface up to 60mm in diameter on any vertical painted metal panel. (One panel per repair).

In addition to these services, Superb Scratch'n'Dent also offers:

Free quotes: Get a free quote for any of their services before you commit.

Mobile service: They can come to you to repair your car, so you don't have to take it to a shop.

Lifetime warranty: They guarantee their work for the life of your car.

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